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How Silas Finally Fell in Love With Reading

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Want to encourage your kids to love reading? ReadingIQ is a brand-new online digital library for kids that offers thousands of books for all reading levels.

When they contacted me about possibly posting about them (and giving you all the opportunity to sign up for a completely free month!), I got all excited because I wondered if this might be perfect for Silas.

Those of you who have followed along here for awhile know that Silas struggled to learn to read. It ended up taking him three years of hard work to master beginning reading.

Because of the struggle involved, he would only read when he had to. If it was an assignment, he would read a chapter in a book, but he never, ever would read on his own… just for fun.

However, that all changed with ReadingIQ! I showed him the program to see what he thought about it and he was HOOKED from the get-go!

I have never seen this boy excited about reading… but he was! (And maybe it was also the fact that I said he could use the iPad to read, too — a special privilege at our house!)

He set up his account almost all by himself and figured out how it worked. Then, he started reading — and he just kept reading and reading and reading!

In the last 6 weeks, he has logged close to 600 minutes of reading on ReadingIQall on his own. And did I mention this was with almost zero coaxing or encouragement from me?

That might not seem very impressive to you if you have a child who reads a big chapter book every day, but this was MASSIVE for Silas.

It is 100% thanks to ReadingIQ and how they make reading so fun and offer so many great books at all reading levels with just a click of a button!

Silas LOVES that ReadingIQ tracks your time read, where you left off in a book, and all of the books you have read. He also loves that there are so many different genres and fun titles to choose from.

He has proudly come to me multiple times to show me all of the books he has read. They are all listed on his shelf and it makes my heart utterly thrilled to see my boy falling in love with reading!

I don’t worry about the level of book he is reading since it’s more important to me that he is loving reading… and I know he does plenty of harder reading with his school assignments and the chapter books they are reading through.

For those who would like more details on ReadingIQ, here is what you have access to when you sign up:

I also love that it’s so portable — he can read on the iPad anywhere. He took it with us on our trip to Kansas for Christmas and was able to get in lots of reading while we were traveling. In addition, this is a great option for families who constantly have late fees if you use the library. 🙂

Try Out a Free Month of ReadingIQ

If you want to try out ReadingIQ, you can get one month access completely FREE. Just click here and sign up and you’ll get the first month for free.

After the first month is up, if you decide to continue your subscription, it’s just $4.99 per month!

Note: After your free trial is up, you’ll be automatically charged at the regular monthly price of $4.99 per month. If you no longer wish to continue, be sure to cancel before your free trial is up.

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