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Just Open the Door Kindle eBook only $2.99!

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You can currently get the Just Open the Door eBook for only $2.99 right now!

As I talked about in a podcast episode a couple months ago, this book was completely life-changing for me and challenged me to open our home every single week in 2018.

I used to be so scared to invite people into my home. Hospitality felt like something I just wasn’t good at.

This book is SO encouraging for those fearful of hospitality and hosting. It shows you how hospitality is so much more than a physical space and starts with simply opening up your heart to let people in.

It gives you practical ways to open up your door and show hospitality — even when you feel like your home is too small or you can’t afford to prepare a fancy four-course meal.

Go here to download the Just Open the Door eBook for $2.99!

Thanks, Snail Pace Transformations!

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